Jun 14, 2007

Rent this space -- cheap!

It seems like every physical space is for sale (or more accrurately, for lease); as long as it has the potential to attract eyeballs for the purpose of planting some sort of commercial marketing message. Examples abound: sports arenas, concert halls, basketball floors, dasher boards at hockey games --- Billboard Marketing, 21st century style.

More proof: Capital Communications Federal Credit Union has bought the naming rights to the WGY broadcast studios. I'm sure there is some fine print to this deal requiring the station to always toss that fact into the mix when announcing the locale of various on-air shows. Not that WGY does a whole lot of show-production anymore , mind you. Most of their content is fed via satellite.

There's another unique twist on this concept here in the Albany market -- naming rights to invidual passenger cars! That's right, MyCarMyCar.com will let you plaster your company's name and logo onto somebody else's auto for about $400/month. What's the car owner get out of the deal? A $100 gas debit card for each month he or she participates.

I've seen this concept in other markets around the US, but at a lower dollar figure. I predict we'll see a price adjustment soon on this local attempt.

What's the bid to put your name on my forehead?



RAM Head said...

$1 a day for you. But then I'd be asking for a refund, no doubt.

Seriously, find me a babe that will walk around Crossgates Mall in a bikini and I'll put it on her tummy for the $400 a month the car ads people are asking for.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, don't mind him. I bid $2. Feel better now?