Jun 16, 2007

Vapor's da bomb (the bad kind of bomb)

We haven't been there ourselves (and don't really have any plans to), but the early reviews on the new Vapor night club at the Saratoga Racino complex are not so hot. Actually, they are downright brutal.

The room was a part of the facility's recent multimillion dollar expansion and is an attempt to add a little buzz to the joint--as well as attract the regional Young & Beautiful crowd, dressed to the nines and ready to suck down some $300 bottles of champagne, Vegas style.

But it looks like it isn't quite working out that way. From what we hear, attendance has been sparse and that Y&B demographic has been non-existent. The few curious folks that have wandered into this lovely room are instead the already firmly-established, slots-addicted clientele that has been built up over there since this place opened a few years, back: casually dressed (i.e., shorts, sandals and Don Ho shirts) middle aged types whose idea of a hot night out is hitting the karaoke bars. Not a pretty scene, from what we're told.
It sure isn't that major league blonde in the $1,000 dress that appears in the commercials, anyways.

Things will only get scarier: we see KC and the Sunshine Band and some sort of Abba tribute on the upcoming events calendar. Shake, shake, shake--shake yer booties, Grandma!

Here's our prediction on what will happen over there..

- Management (who are no dummies) will start to get nervous about this huge investment they made.

- At the same time, they will start asking themselves how they can utilize this spacious and valuable floor space during the daytime hours.

- Plus, there will no doubt be demand for more slot machines.

- So, the upstairs horse racing simulcast area will be converted into an additionl VLT room, and the racing action will be moved into Vapor. The operating model that will be copied: the club house section of the OTB Teletheater in Albany.

- The nite club will continue, but won't kick in until after the racing action is turned off. And without the current dress code--which they don't seem to be enforcing anyways. Live music will be de-emphasized.
- Don't be looking for the latest in house and EDM music getting spun; look for more of the current soundscape, which is sounding like some sort or 80's disco jukebox (so we're told by people feel obligated to that track that sort of thing, at least).

Remember, you heard it predicted here first.


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