Jan 10, 2008

Catchin' a groove in the stalls

Ace bassist Tony Levin -- last seen in our company when he played our New Year's Eve show in Albany as part of Jim Weider's Project Percolator -- is a world traveler. After all, between putting his own group on the road or as part of Peter Gabriel's band, Pink Floyd, or any of dozens of other acts, the Woodstock resident has traversed the globe many times over.

So, one can assume that Mr Levin has seen a lot of airports. Taking that a step further, we can then conclude that he has seen a lot of airport rest rooms. With those confines being of such interest as of late -- given a certain Congressman's (no, not John Sweeney, another one) toe-tapping escapades within -- we think Tony's experiences are of value to our viewing audience.

The music-video from his most recent release:


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