Jan 9, 2008

A reversing of the outsource tide?

An incoming email today serves up an interesting take on the curent state of the outsourcing movement.

A friend of mine owns an I/T shop in the region, designing and delivering high-end, customized, database driven websites for a very narrow target audience. Over the past couple of years, he has sent a good deal of what he calls the grunt work (lower-level progrmamming) overseas.

He is now looking to start bringing that work back to these shores. Here's a clip from our correspondence as to why ...

...... I'm giving up on the overseas agencies, telling them not to even inquire about the next round of projects. I tell them "let's not waste each others' time." Yes, I am DONE with the time & language barriers and the (now) constant upsells because of the "falling dollar." Now of course, I'm back to where I was two years back, struggling to find competent American talent, and if I DO find it, whether I can get it at a reasonable rate....

A fair warning to the "greener pastures" crowd?


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