Jan 8, 2008

Mr. Sweeney's double vision

Party animal -- and former Congressman - John Sweeney learned one lesson, but apparently forgot another.

First, Congressman Kickass (as he was called by soulmate George Bush in reference to our local hero leading a strong-arm mob during the Florida recall mess) certainly must be given credit for not drinking and driving. It looks like he wised up on this matter after his recent little DUI incident on the Northway. The proof: reports that he called a cab to get himself and his drinking buddies home safely from local nudie bar Double Vision. A big Atta Boy to you on that one, JS.

But -- like so much in Mr Sweeney's life as of late -- a problem arose. Namely, he refused to pay the cabbie after being dropped off at his Clifton Park home. Not only that, but he also failed to answer the front door when NYS Troopers responded to the taxi company's complaint!

A simple misunderstanding, said his attorney, the always reliable E Stewart Jones after the troopers rang him up to help solve the deadlock. The fare was eventually paid, the taxi company dropped charges and all is back to normal at Sweeney Central.

The amusing part here is that the troopers were so familiar with this guy's recent legal woes that they knew who his lawyer is!

A few takeaway thoughts on this one:

1) Our decision to heartily support Mrs Gillibrand looks better and better every month that goes by, does it not?

2) What exactly is Mr. Sweeney doing for a living nowadays? In other words, who would actually feel good about having this guy on the payroll, representing the organization? Let me guess: it's a political patronage job?

3) Has anyone seen his wife lately? I'm getting concerned about her well-being, especially after her spousal abuse claims.

4) Ditto for the 24yo who reportedly was in some sort of physical contact with the ex-Rep when pulled over on the DUI charge.

5) To think, Sweeney's name was even mentioned a few times as the possible CEO of the Center for Economic Growth after Kelly Lovell left. How do you think that would have worked out?

6) Does getting elected to Congress get one a lifetime pass for acting stupid?


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