Nov 3, 2008

Like, where ya been?

"So what's the deal with Tech Valley Times?"

So goes the line of questioning when I step out into the Capital Region's business and social circles. Inquiring minds want to know, given the lengthy gap of postings on both the main news portal and here on my loosely-tied squawk box.

At the very least; it's nice to know the media property gained a loyal fan club since its early-'03 birth.

The bottom line: business divorces -- just like the other kind-- take time to resolve, and the business is in the process of just such a clean break before it begins anew with its Tech Valley Times 2.0 (or is it 3.0 by now?) life cycle. A rather unique issue is delaying that process. For a three-letter clue: think M, I and A.

We haven't been sitting idly-by during this interim; instead we've been laying the framework for a unique approach to the news-delivery business here in the brave new world of the always-on networked economy.

Stay tuned--when we get there, you will see exactly what being a 'multimedia information provider' really means or how one goes about 'rejuvenating and repositioning an established brand.'

If anyone is interested in joining the fun and playing in this sandbox; give me shout.

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