Nov 7, 2008

Rider's Up! (you GOTTA see this one)

Drunken Yuppies Channel Angel Cordero

Before Fidel and Che slipped down from the mountains shouting "Last Call", Havana was one hell of a party town. With the Mafia greasing the wheels of Dictator Battista, the island's capital city was called the "whorehouse of the Carribean," offering all manners of earthly delights -- sex, booze, dope and gambling. It became a leading weekend destination for the 50's lounge lizard set.

It is a similar role that Saratoga Springs now plays for the greater Capital Region. While it might qualify as its whorehouse, there is no doubt that it acts as the area's Bar District.

While we tend to think of 'Toga as the 'summer place to be' (ah; the power of taglines); some funsters are intent on extending the highlife into the dark months. Witness these characters, viewed thru a security camera on Broadway:

An APB has been published for what the media has deemed these "well dressed horse vandals." I can picture them keeping low profiles at work.

No word from the Saratoga Chamber of Commerce as to whether they will incorporate ths clip into next year's ad campaign.

This same horse has been attacked on at least two prior occasions. Maybe it's time to replace the security camera with a remotely-controlled taser gun?



Pooper Scooper said...

I hope that YOU can explain your wherabouts on Sunday at 12:30AM?

Anonymous said...

Too much. Too freaking much.

Hey wait a minute: I think I know one of those guys!

Moe the Bartender said...

Toss them in jail -- so I can have the girl!