Nov 9, 2008

The Return of the Sheriff?

Time for Eliot Spitzer to Ride Again?

An appropriate and timely job posting might look like this:

Help Wanted: Special Prosecutor
Responsibilities: Look into the dealings of hedge fund managers, short sellers and other financial industry operatives for possble Securities Law violations that resulted in the current market crisis.
Apply To: NYS Attorney General Andrew Cuomo

I hereby submit the name of the perfect candidate for ths opening:

Mr Eliot Spitzer.

I know what you're saying; but work with me here on this one. Here are the reasons for my somewat contrarian suggestion:

1) He's qualified

2) He's experienced: after all, he was formery known as the 'Sheriff of Wall Street,' wasn't he?

3) He's got a lot of extra time on his hands

4) He'd likely do it for either free or one dollar

5) He's known as being a vengeful bastard, and we could really use of of those right about now

6) He surely didn't appreciate the reports of those Wall Street lions popping bottles of champagne to celebrate his resignation (see point #5)

7) His wife would certainly appreciate getting him out of the house

8) He's in the clear of any charges related to his little problem a few months back

What makes me think there won't be a lot of support for this suggestion???


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