Nov 26, 2010

The Beatles on iTunes

As we all know, the Beatles have finally made it into digital mode, with a good chunk of their catalog now available exclusively on iTunes.

Of interest is the #1 selling track, at this early stage. The leader of the pack: Here Comes the Sun, written by George Harrison.

When we think of the Beatles, we think of the songwriting team (teamed on paper, at least) of Lennon and McCartney. By the time Abbey Road came about, Harrison (the youngest member of the band) was beginning to be a bit of a pain in the ass -- at least to the two big shots. No longer did we have The Quiet Beatle here; instead we had The Sulking Beatle.

The conflict came down to one issue: Harrison was coming into his own as both a musician and a songwriter, and wanted more play on the albums. He was no longer content with being known as the "second best guitarist in the band" (behind the bass player McCartney, no less) nor with being allocated just a single song on each release. Thus, he's given two (!) slots on this one; no doubt grudgingly.

Lo and behold, those two are "Here Comes the Sun" and "Something". Some musicologists contend the he "steals" the album as a result -- which is saying something; this is Abbey Road we're talking about. Sinatra (who hated rock & roll) supposedly called Something "the greatest love song ever made" (although I personally chalk that up as a myth).

Here we are in 2010, and the near-complete Beatles catalog is release en mass. So look what becomes the most popular song of them all. It's one of Mr Harrison's tunes.

How do ya like that?

The late George Harrison, at the Bangladesh benefit concert at MSG (on stage while Eric Clapton was seducing his wife in the Knick's locker room), taking us into the weekend...


Daddy Goo Goo said...

Big deal, just more corporate hype.

Why'd they even bother with any re-mastering, when people are gonna be listening to them in MP3 format thru little ear plugs?

The sheeple will never learn.

But at least it might divert a few people from downloading Lady Gaga or Justin Beiber or some rap crap.

Professor said...

You, my friend, were the BEST writer in Albany a few years back.
When are you bringing that act back? I know you pissed a lot of people off, but there were many of us more who really thought your stories and editorials were the most thoughful takes on the region's business scene to be had. GET 'ER DONE, man.

Anonymous said...

She loves you, yeah yeah yeah