Nov 15, 2010

Craigslist post: real or fake?

Here's a current post on the Albany Craigslist site. Funny? Sad? Both?

Unmotivated 20-something seeking Personal Assistant/life coach

I'm looking for someone who will help me manage my meager finances, force me to get up and take walks, and basically just accompany me everywhere to ensure that I stay productive and on top of things; give me good, solid advice and keep me out of trouble. I'm not a criminal or anything, I just get easily distracted and always come up with horrible ideas that inevitably leave me broke and/or depressed. I don't have much money but I'll buy you food, coffee and cigarettes and give you $50/week in spending money. Sometimes my dad sends checks, when he does we can split the money. Hours are basically around the clock, you can sleep on the couch.

Applicants should be energetic, patient, creative and motivated with the ability to manage ~$300/week. The only bills i have are rent and my cell, you should keep my payments current by constantly reminding me of the due dates and making sure i don't blow bill money on pot. Applicants should also be able to think of interesting budgets and ways for me to save.

Hopefully we can become friends. I'm looking for a male because it would e too easy to ignore a girl trying to wake me up, but honestly anyone can apply.

Just write to me with your qualifications, a current resume and any questions you might have

This is a serious listing! Only serious applicants please!


Time for a vote,

Real or fake??


Red Head Fred said...


But mildly amusing

Lou Albano said...

Fake x 2.

What about this one:

Toilet paper tubes (Niskayuna)

Toilet paper tubes for any craft project! About 100 available!

I tend to think this is real, becasue ot is in the FREE section.

But WTF: someone saves all their toilet paper rolls?

Useless piece of shit said...

I am 50-50 on this fake vs real issue.

Let me take a nap and sleep on it. I'll get back to you around 7PM.

Hiram the Moneylender said...

Real or Fake: Now that could be a good website, letting people guess on a woman's breasts. But something tells me that someone already beat us to that idea.

trc said...


Anonymous said...

FAKE. I think. Maybe not. Most likely though.

Anonymous said...


Broadway Billy said...

I say fake.