Nov 19, 2010

Here's how to put a wrap on it

A friend of mine is retiring from the restaurant business after 45 years. He asked if I had any ideas as to how he might bring down the curtain. I didn't.

All I advised was to take a look at this video, below. This guy sure as hell came up with a way to exit the stage with something special, didn't he?

Johnny Cash, taking us into the weekend...


Jer said...

The most intense music video ever made, imho.

muahh said...

How about some Saratoga posts, my man?

You need to up your game~!!!!!!

PP said...

Ouch. Now I hurt.

Anonymous said...

This is so incredibly disturbing yet beautiful at the same time.

Of note is that this song was written by Nine Inch Nails.

Wife June actually died before Johhn.

That mansion burned down shoprtly after his death,