Nov 1, 2010

The NANOBURGH? 2010 Election Poll

The final Nanoburgh? Poll:

NYS Governor: Cuomo (D) vs Paladino (R)
Winner: Cuomo
Winner's %: 62

NYS Attorney General: Schneiderman (D) vs Donovan (R)
Winner: Schneiderman
Winner's %: 53

NYS Comptroller: DiNapoli(D) vs Wilson (R)
Winner: Wilson
Winner's %: 53

US Senator from NY: Gillibrand (D) vs DioGuiardi (R)
Winner: Gillibrand
Winner's %: 59

US Senator from NY: Schumer (D) vs Townsend (R)
Winner: Schumer
Winner's %: 57

US Congress District 20: Murphy (D) vs Gibson (R)
Winner: Gibson
Winner's %: 52

US Congress District 21: Tonko (D) vs Danz (R)
Winner: Tonko
Winner's %: 52

NYS Senate District 43: Yepsen vs McDonald (R)
Winner: McDonald
Winner's %: 55

NYS Senate District 44: Savage (D) vs Farley (R)
Winner: Farley
Winner's %: 57

NYS Assembly District 110: Keramati (D) vs Tedisco (R)
Winner: Tedisco
Winner's %: 57

The Nanoburgh? Poll utilizes a unique and proprietary research methodology which distinguishes it from traditional phone-based polling.

Archive: our pre-election poll on the 2009 Saratoga Springs local elections


Professor said...

well, i give you credit for separating your science from your opnions.

i know that many polls, particularly those paid for by the candidates themselves, are unethical exercises designed to mnanipulate the vote and not get a pulse of the electorate.

i would be curious to learn of your sampling method

Anonymous said...


Carl Paladino said...

Hee Haw! I'm riding me some fresh cowboy 2ite!

AnnoyingJoe said...

What about Jimmy McMillen??

Anonymous said...

It's Hammer Time!
So let's get hammered.
I'd rather be the hammer than the nail.

LM said...

It is 9:30 and you're looking pretty good, including your Upset Special with Wilson.

But you still might be wrong on the AG when NYC comes in. And the Murphy Gibson is tied right now.

Will check back

Anonymous said...

Still seems like 90 plus percent incumbents are winning when you add them all up

Clare said...

I'm interested in seeing if Gillibrand gets more votes than Schumer, given they are both running aginst nobodies.

Clare said...
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Anonymous said...

Will somebody keep an eye on Paladino over the nect few hours? This could get real ugly otherwise. Where's Fred Dicker?

LM said...

Gibson wins, McDonald wins, so your bid for perfection comes down to Comptroller and AG.

LM said...

You're OK on the AG

It all comes down to Wilson for you; and that one might not be sealed for a few days