Jan 17, 2011

Biomass as Regional Sustainability?

An intriguing proposal has been advanced; one that promises to deliver significant environmental, economic and social benefits to the Northeast USA. Its name is Thermal Biomass.

Here is a recent background piece, written by yours truly and appearing in this month's edition of eco Local Living magazine.

Note: here is a mock up of a Biomass eco Village, as referenced in the story:

Note: here is a typical residential biomass system flowchart:


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Anonymous said...

too dirty

F Douglas (Ticonderoga) said...

I think your right on highlighting the difficluties biomass will have in gaining any traction, especially for heating.

What sgould be their natural allies in this are the enviros, but I agree with you that there is a no cut-no burn mentality within them that will never be overcome.

Yes, it could help bring back the ADK wood processing industry (in a different format) and therby help to partially reviatlize the ADKs in geneneral, but I don't see it coming about.

A good story , well done.

KS said...

Are there any delivery truck in this area like in the picture?

Hipster Dufus said...

Although not 100% sold on wood burning (but open to hearing more), I concur with those stating solar power cells and windmills are the solution or even a big part of the solution. Both cost too much to deliver power to too few users. And I don't see that changing.

Karen C said...

Interesting and thanks for the tip off on that coming Sustainable Saratoga speaker. I hope to see you there!

Professor said...


Anonymous said...


pam d said...

Id be afraid of my house catching fire