Jan 9, 2011

The NRA and Arizona

A legit argument can be made for US gun ownership by sane individuals, under reasonable limitations and mandated safeguards. I can buy into that.

But the NRA does not. If you live in Saratoga, you know the recent local tragedy that could have been averted with the presence of a simple and inexpensive gun lock. The NRA is 100% against such a mandate. It claims that its own cartoon-character's educational campiagn is a more effective tool for preventing these instances.

Likewise, the Arizona gun ownership law that allowed a deranged individual -- who had been rejected by the US Army from enlisting, who had a arrest record (albeit for a petty offense) and who had previously published threats against government officials on his social media sites --- the privilege of walking into a local gun shop and walking out with a 9mm Glock semi automatic with a 20-shot magazine; well that legislation was crafted with NRA guidance and support.

To all dues paying NRA members: you might want to wash that sticky red substance off your hands today.

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KLS said...

Oh so you are still alive.