Jan 12, 2011

The Party of Lone Nuts

Sure, the not-suprising direct-line/cause & effect was bound to be drawn by some on the left; that was expected. But so was the "see, dere go da lame-stream media , picking on us gun loving 'mericans agin" counter move by the right wing machine. Need proof? Google Palin this AM. It goes both ways, just like we knew it would. Sound bites and the abandoning of logic rule the process; I wouldn't be surprised if the Poly Sci schools aren't teaching these tricks. Oh yeah, they are: it was called Rhetoric 201 in my day.

But pull back a bit further and consider this: if I'm dealing crack and one of my customers OD's, I am certainly fair game for consideration as part of the Blame game. Yes, the primary 'blamee' is the crack head, but others are deserving of part of the flack as well.

The "lone nut" piss-away has legs, but it only goes so far. The fact is, we have a poilitical movement and a compliant & supporting media that serves those lone nuts; the old "shelter from the storm" thing. In the AZ case, the delivered product is there as Exhibit X: all the buzz words (9/11 conspiracy; The Fed, New World Order; Gold Standard, 2nd Amm, etc) that would not otherwise be part of the vocabulary of a Sun Belt suburban misfit attending a community college that likely spends 1/2 its resources teaching basic grammar to its students.

Sure, his (likely) disease probaly had him on course to do some serious harm to someone. But there's 300 million+ prospects out there for him to deliver that nastiness to. So when his final choice is a Dem/Jewish/liberal/Obamacare-luvin gov't representin' gal who sure as hell ain't buying into those aforementioned sound bites and rah-rah's; well then we need to start going "hmmmmmm".


Palin's shooting instructor said...

Well said, homey.

The US has always had a small portion of its citiznes that can best be decribed as being prone to dangerous or irrational behavior.
We're no different than any other nation in that regard.

But one of our two major national political parties has catered to these people, charging them up with their lies and fear mongering for one single reason: to get their vote.

For that reason, they need to be detroyed. If not, we'll be in civil war within 5 years.

IRON SHEIK said...




Nanoburgh? said...

Good one, nuts for sure.