Jan 10, 2011

Why Limbaugh is wrong (as usual) on Arizona

We knew it was coming: the framing of this event as a no more than a single crazy nut, with no logical tie-in to the New Right's more structured movements and efforts. Yes, today -- as predicted -- we have the former (at least we think former) prescription pill addict Rush Limbaugh stating just such a case to his network of the logically-challenged.

The problem with that argument, of course, is the fact that the Tea Party IS the movement of the single crazy nuts (plural). In the marketplace of ideas, the Tea Party and their accomplices SERVE this constituency.

The idiot is Tuscon is on record as spewing the standard menu of ideology as does the wingnut movement in general: 9/11 conspiracy; the New World Order; int'l Jew bankers; gov't coverups; immigrant racism, erosion of property rights, Ayn Rand, and on and on. He even had the handmade nutty political philosophy (the 'words' thing) that so many of them do. And of course, he and the others are all suddenly experts on the US constitution.

Whether this guy attended rallies, donated to candidates, worked a formal election campaign, etc is irrelevent. Simply put, he is a manufactured product model -- Serial Number 42225 -- of this lunatic right wing machine that has arisen in this country. The blame lies not only with the nuts themeselves that are the most actively involved, but also with that segment of Middle America (especially the Republican Party) that has both coddled and manipulated those nuts as a means of advancing their own misguided political goals and agendas.


Real Deal (is back!) said...

Unfortunately, the evil doers will just lay low and bide their time. The American public can't remember what happened a month ago, so this too shall pass.

Just look at the Reagan/Brady and the Long Island RRR shootings. Those events didn;t make a substantail difference in lawmaking or in popular mindset. So what makes us think this event will?

Anonymous said...

Rush is just mass market political junk food for the mentally and intellectually challenged.

It's just too bad that those types make up at least 1/2 of the country.