Aug 12, 2012

How to Beat the Ponies

Dear Nanoburgh,

I'm told that you're the ace horse player in this town. So what's the single best handicapping angle you can lay on a gal? I need to score!


Dear Molly,

Did you say "lay on a gal?" Oh, never mind. It must be because I just watched an old Wayne and Garth clip on the Tube of You.  Anyways, here's a good way to meet your needs and make you rich beyond your wildest dreams:

* Wait (it might take forever for it to appear) for a 7f race with a speedy favorite on the rail in the 1-hole.   It can't win. So basically, DUTCH bet everyone else who has a shot.

Note 1: To dutch is to bet multiple horses in the same race to win by spreading your bankroll/budget based on their tote odds. Yeah, this alone would take a whole post to explain -- and we're way to busy here at the 'burgh to do so now! So until you learn that aspect of the game, just weigh your bets more heavily on the horses you like that have the lower odds. The fact that you are tossing a favorite makes the %'s play in your favor in a "cover the takeout" way (another long lesson story needed sometime)

Note 2: There is a physical reason that inside/rail speed can not win from the 7f chute at the Spa. Stand there sometime and look down the track. You'll see how the chute isn't quite lined up right with the main track. It is about 6' too far in and that freaks rail birds out when they have to adjust. Plus, inside speed as a rule is at a disadvantage.

That's all I got. Go to the bank when you see this scenario happen. Then buy me a pretzel.


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