Aug 1, 2012

Water World

Today's theme is H2O:

1. Brother Can You Spare A Cup?

The second word in the municipal name of 'Saratoga Springs' is springs. Springs, as in places where that clear colored elixir of life bubbles to the top and spurs the imagination. This joint was built on those scattered examples of such, spread about within the 'burgh's boundaries.

Why, then, can't you sample a gulp at any of the sprouts unless you BYOC: Bring Your Own Cup? Casual passers-by are enticed by signage or fancy pavilions to wander up to these spots for an unplanned visit, but once there .... what? They can take a look, take a sniff, take a picture-- but they can't take a taste because there is no way to do so other than to lick a wet palm.

Can't the city buy a few some paper cup dispensers and attach them to some posts?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know the pushback: some drunk will toss them all over the place to make a mess now and then. But that's what morning clean-up crews are for.

Saratoga's supposed to be a tourist town which celebrates its historic heritage. Let's start doing so. Note to DPW: Get On It.

2. A Waiting Disaster

We ran across fellow troublemaker John Tighe recently and had a quick chat with him and his lovely bride on his current burr in his saddle: SPAC. With that being a topic long of interest to us here at Nanoburgh, we were happy to rip.

Mr T painted an interesting picture, based on his attendance at one of the recent Phish performances:: an intensely hot and humid evening with 30,000 people inside the gates, most of whom were wound up to the max and building up a sweat while grooving to the Green Mountain Boys Made Good. Many of them were into the latter hours of an extended session of celebration that began many hours (or days) ago. And yes, some might have even been under the influence of alcohol or some other mind bending substance. Ya never know. And.....

....... a grand total of two small water fountains to serve this throng and to offer respite from the stifling conditions.

As we concluded, this is a disaster waiting to happen. I didn't even ask what a bottle of water costs in that facility; learning so would likely make my head explode. One of these nights, some dehydrated kid is going to pass out on the lawn (at least they still call it a lawn, don't they) --- and never wake up.

We're tired of the police state commonly called SPAC and the Spa Park during concert season. We're tired of the press conferences announcing the massive uniformed presence. We're tired of the harassment and bullying in these public picnic grounds. We're tired of the post-show arrest reports. We're tired of the wasted expenditures. We're tired of doing all of this under the ruse of 'public safety'.

If the concern here is truly public safety at SPAC, then someone better figure out a way to get the water flowing.


3. Who'd A Thunk?

My pal Richard is an ad agency exec down in Atlanta; a retro Mad Men kinda guy. He even looks the part. Recently, he offered a good response when someone pooh-pooh'd the feasibility of monetizing a kooky idea that was being tossed about the table at a recent burp session.

"Yeah, but tell me this: Twenty years ago, if someone said they were going to bottle drinking water form that tap over there and sell it at $2 a pop..what would you have said?"

Uh huh. Good point.



Anonymous said...

I could use some free cups, I hate doing dishes

Anonymous said...

SPAC blows. Let's put a padlock on the place.

Curious George said...

is mineral water h20..or some other cehm concoction?