Aug 13, 2012

Romney Concedes Election

I don't get the why behind Mitt Romney's choice of the Ayn Rand-inspired Paul Ryan as his Vice Presidential nominee for the GOP ticket. The spin is that Mr R is "solidifying the Tea Party wing" of his party by tapping one of their own. OK, but:

1.Did he think that the Tea Party crowd was going to go vote for Obama is he had opted for a more moderate voice?

2. This election comes down to the white suburban indie-leaning voter, who for the most part is on the fence and in-play come November. Think soccer moms and their commuting husbands in Tysons Corner, VA for who these folks are. If Romney can go +4% with this demographic in the key swing states; he's in. If not; he's out.

Mr Ryan does nothing to improve his chances here with this math.  If anything, he hurts them.

Game, set, match?


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