Dec 14, 2009

Canada to Uganda: it wasn't us!

Breakthrough on climate change is a hoax

I smell the Yes Men!

For sure: I would bet my bottom dollar (as opposed to my top dollar, I would presume) that our favorite media pranksters are at it again as a series of press releases from various sources claiming to represent the Canadian government have been flying over the internet. Meanwhile, the Ugandan government is looking like the real dummies. Let me explain:

Late this morning, a "major announcement" type of press release from Environment Canada quoted the government's Office of the Minister of the Environment in stating that our northern neighbors would now take the global lead, by means of an "ambitious new emissions-reduction targets and vigorous climate-debt reparations to African nations."

Canadian Environment Minister Jim Prentice repeated calls to other developed nations to fall in line behind Canada. "The threat to world stability from climate change is too important for short-sighted posturing," said Prentice. "The world's wealthy countries can and must come together behind Canada on this issue of issues."

The Ugandan government VERY quickly issues its own press release, joyfully rejoicing in reaction to the breakthrough news:

"This is a day that will define our century," said Margaret Matembe, MP and head of the Climate Committee of Uganda, an environmental caucus in the Ugandan parliament. "Today, we no longer have to wait for a COP20 or COP100 before the voices of our children are heard."

There's only one problem: Canada never made such an agreement--the press release was a hoax. Those of us familiar with those Yes Men have been down this road before.

The REAL Canadian government is now in full Damage Control mode, saying that "all statements within it are unequivocally false" and that it shall "seek the full measure of legal recourse against these criminals under Danish and international law." What this has to do with the Danes remains a mystery.

Meanwhile, the Ugandan government -- as well as dozens of major media outlets that ran with the story -- are laying low, slamming their heads with giant D'OH's.

If anyone runs across the Yes Men (who have a Troy connection), tell them you just saw a van full of Danes in black suits and sunglasses cruising around the RPI campus and slugging down some cold ones at Brown's Brewing.

Then say "I'm just goofing on you!"

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