Dec 8, 2009

How to Hit a Guy When He's Down

It's good to be king; and it's good to have friends. It looks like Uncle Joe has friends.

The Joe Bruno Legal Defense Fund is still up and running, setup by his cronies to shift the legal burden away from the former Senator and to ...well, you and me. Plus anyone that thinks they have a need to be recognized as a Team Player.

(My questions as to whether these funds could/would also be directed to his approaching fines have yet to be answered.)

But, I for one feel that need to assist! Yes sir, I've stepped up to the plate and done my share. Here is my transaction receipt:

"This email confirms that you have donated $0.02 USD to Joe Bruno Legal Defense Fund ( using PayPal."

Confirmation number: 6YF43646NB982801S
Donation amount: $0.02 USD
Total: $0.02 USD
Purpose: Joe Bruno Legal Defense Fund

So, don't anyone say I'm not ready to help.

Q: Knowing PayPal the way I do, guess what?
A: PayPal's transaction fee formula is "30 cents + 2.9%"..rounded up, of course.

So, my hefty donation just cost them 31 cents in fees, netting them NEGATIVE 29 cents!

Now that ain't gonna help much...

Now don't YOU try this at home~!



Anonymous said...

I think that this is a great idea - but I am confuse as to how it would work against Bruno....Paypal does charge the fees that you mention, however Paypal takes those fees directly from the amount that you send - not from Bruno's end - so you must send at least .35 as Paypal will only remove the fee from that donation and then send Bruno the rest, which would be .02 after deducting the .30 and 2.9%.

The TechValleyTimes Group: said...

PP still hits them for the minimum fee. It gets applied against their overall balance, given there's not enough within the 2 cent donation.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update --didn't realize that Bruno also had a paypal account ! I'll donate my two cents now and ask if they could cover some of my eBay transaction....

Anonymous said...

ur still an idiot.

but a pretty funny idiot.