Dec 7, 2009

Thoughts on the Bruno Guilty x 2 verdicts

"I can't hear you! Nyah nyah, na na! Nope, can't hear you, Judge!"

Let us accept -- for this discussion -- the "being a NYS legislator is a part-time thing, so I have a right to earn a living by also doing something else" argument. My question:

* Why is it that the only 'something else' that Mr Bruno and his cronies are capable of doing is one in which they are "making introductions" related to NYS govt and political business and the exercise of their personal influence within it?"

In other words, why do these people all fail to even attempt making a go in the TRUE private sector? Like fix pinball machines or write diet books or play professional poker or something?

While we're at it:

* Recall a few years back, when the rumblings first started about "maybe we need to look at Mr Bruno's dealings", and a contingent of local (Capital Region) economic development, business and political figures banded together in an effort to get the powers-that-be to more or less look the other way -- for the sole reason that "he's done so much good for this area"?

Sorry: but the 'Yes, he's a crook but at least he's our crook' mentailty doesn't cut it, from this corner at least.

Now, let's hope the Supreme Court upholds the federal "Honest Services" legal concept that prosecuted Mr Bruno. For that is up in the air, with arguments on that very matter set to be argues next week.

Now, wouldn't that be something if.............


Wouldn't you love to have witnessed Eliot Spitzer's reaction to today's jury decision?

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Anonymous said...

".... to more or less look the other way -- for the sole reason that "he's done so much good for this area"?"

That's exactly what one of the jurors mentioned tonight on the news...almost made me throw up - but I was too busy trying to figure out how to remove his name from the spring at the Saratoga State Park.