Dec 16, 2009

So why not a Spitzer comeback?

Our former Luv Guv -- aka Client #9 -- is said to be contemplating a return to the Big Circus, most likely a shot at the NYS Comptroller's office. The reaction so far has been predictble: "ya gotta be kidding, right?"

But I would like to offer up a name from the slightly more distant past; that of a man who was convicted of dirty deeds so much more serious than Mr Sptitzer's that he actually served prison time and paid an enormous financial penalty as levied by the court. But after that experience, this individual went on to become a model citizen, creating initiatives that contributed immensely to the public good. That person's name:

Michael Milken

Post-sentence accomplishments: co-founder of the Milken Family Foundation, chairman of the Milken Institute (a think tank devoted to policy research on economic development and other issues), and founder of medical philanthropies funding research into melanoma, cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Fortune magazine called him "The Man Who Changed Medicine" for his positive influence on medical research.

So, yes; redemption can sometimes do wonderful things. Maybe we should give it a shot here in the Emopire State. Nothing else seems to be working.

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Anonymous said...

The Man Who Changed Medicine?
Milken is now a free target for Doctors to use for spare parts...
Whatelse could such a statement infer?