Dec 9, 2009

What do you mean by 'optimizing traffic'?

Nobody seemed like they were getting anything done today, if they even showed up for work at all. You'd think these people never dealt with snow before. So it became a day of a long lunch and the incredibly rare afternoon of pitcher-sharing (PBRs yet!) in what you might call a working man's bar on in this wintry wonderland called upstate New York.

My parter in crime was a friend I haven't seen in many eons. He's an old school media guy; specifically a newspaper man, on the editorial side of the operation at his large daily. Having played in that arena myself, the convo naturally drifted into the online/offline journalism discussion.

My friend sure toes the company and industry line: "Google is evil -- it's robbing the news industry blind by using the news links from my paper and every other paper out there to push traffic around," goes his rap. I wager that he just got out of some sort of seminar on that subject.

My retort: "Yeah, but it's pushing all that traff
ic back to your site. The problem you guys have is that you just don;t know what to do with it. You can't blame Google just because they DO know!"

ZOOM -- right over his head.

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