Oct 1, 2010

Lessons from the Monsters

A fine time was had by all in The Hub last night, as Big Head Todd & The Monsters ripped up the House of Blues in the Fens.

One of the most under appreciated bands in rock & roll, Mr Mohr and company have all the elements: great songwriting, ferocious guitar work and vocals that somehow get pushed on top of all the glorious noise. The end result is one of the best live acts in the business.

On a side note, a few observations about the crowd:

- There were many small groups scattered about that were obviously "let's move the party down the street after work" gatherings of work mates.

- I talked to a few people that had walked up to the venue and paid the $25 to get in; without even knowing who the band was.

- In a crowd of 1,500+ people, we (literally) did not see a single instance of ink that had been scratched into a person's body. Tattoos seem to still be considered a no-no / liability / show of poor taste to the worldly, upwardly mobile and high flying hipster crowd of Boston.

I'd dare say that all three of those observations would be absent in a similar gathering in Albany. There's a lesson to be learned in here somewhere.

Big Head Todd & The Monsters, taking us into the weekend...


Anonymous said...

1 of my favorite bands ....ever

Anonymous said...

You mean a musical act who actually sings and plays instruments? Wow. Nice. Don't see that too often anymore.

Fred Head said...

Bring them to Albany, will ya?

Or should I say Nanoburgh?

WTF is Nanoburgh?

Anonymous said...

I don't see no bro rappers grabbing their nuts here. What is this?