Oct 28, 2010

Loud is good, but so is not-so-loud

In this age of guys in backwards baseball caps on their head and headphones dangling around their necks while they push the play button on their notebooks to call up some variation of music that someone else actually made -- and getting paid for it -- it's goddam refreshing to run across young kids making real music. Kids like the Silversun Pickups.

Sure, they get the rap of being of bit pop'y and Smashing Pumpkins clones, but my rebuttal to that is: 1) wouldn't it be nice if this kind of music were actually the dominant genre on 'pop' radio stations; and 2)a Pumpkins clone is a whole lot better than a Madonna clone, eh?

To me, a sign of a great song is one that can sound good in both full blown electric mode and in scaled-down acoustic mode. Take a look at the two versions of Panic Switch to see just that. Also: I'm a big fan of the girl's bass lines.




Pete said...

One of the few bands that my kids listen to that I like myself.

Anonymous said...

Give me the Electric