Oct 24, 2010

Mr Taibbi on the Tea Party

"Of course, the fact that we're even sitting here two years after Bush talking about a GOP comeback is a profound testament to two things: One, the American voter's unmatched ability to forget what happened to him 10 seconds ago, and two, the Republican Party's incredible recuperative skill and bureaucratic ingenuity. This is a party that in 2008 was not just beaten but obliterated, with nearly every one of its recognizable leaders reduced to historical-footnote status and pinned with blame for some ghastly political catastrophe. There were literally no healthy bodies left on the bench, but the Republicans managed to get back in the game anyway by plucking an assortment of nativist freaks, village idiots and Internet Hitlers out of thin air and training them into a giant ball of incoherent resentment just in time for the 2010 midterms. They returned to prominence by outdoing Barack Obama at his own game: turning out masses of energized and disciplined supporters on the streets and overwhelming the ballot box with sheer enthusiasm."

- The very good Matt Taibbi on the bottom line to this whole Tea Party thing.

Sometimes referred to as this generation's Hunter S Thompson, Mr. Taibbi has one possible disadvantage when compared to Gonzo Man: I doubt many young people are adoptees of the long-form journalistic arena in which he plays. That is unfortunate.


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