Jul 23, 2011

Ask Joe Bruno - July edition

Dear Joseph,
Has your family broached the subject of preserving your head after you move on to the big fundraiser in the sky? You know, the way they did with Ted Williams.
(Just Wondering)

Dear Just,
Funny you should ask that. Kenny was tape measuring my noggin the other day when I was trying to eat my oatmeal. He said he was gonna buy me a new hat. But I got a goddam closet full of goddam hats. I'm telling you, that kid is making me more nervous every day that goes by. Did you hear he's selling used cars now?

Dear Joe,
Will we see you at the track this summer?
(Zanyatta's BFF)

Dear Z-BFF,
Does Spitzer wear black socks with call girls?

Dear JB
What are we supposed to call you now: Senator, Former Senator, Con Joe, Joe the Hood, Inmate Joe, what?
(Bill B)

Dear BB,
You think you're real funny now, don't you? Tell you what, Mr. Big shot: how about you just call me Daddy?

Dear Joe Bruno,
What kind of job do you think Andrew Cuomo is doing?
(Your Neighbor in Brunswick)

Dear Neighbor,
What do you hear? Did he get a good report card or something? What is he, in the 6th grade by now?

Dear Mr. Bruno,
If your federal conviction sticks, do you think it's appropriate to keep your name on the baseball stadium in Troy?
(Babe Ruth IV)

Dear Mr Ruth,
They named a baseball stadium after me?

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