Jul 15, 2011

SPAC's new push: chain gangs

This morning, we read of a SPAC press conference that herald the Crusade-like revival of the Shock & Awe campaign against special event attendees. It goes like this: get caught with alcohol on the SPAC grounds and parking lot and you'll be arrested and sentenced to chain gang labor of garbage pickup duty.

Let's roll the tape:

Just a few days ago, we were subject to SPAC's whining about the lack of attendance at the ballet, and how it's not their fault that younger people will not go to see the NYCB.

Now we see this microphone session, compete with public safety officials on hand threatening to lower the hammer with their mission to wipe out this lager madness.

Well, the latter certainly provides a warm & fuzzy SPAC experience for those young people for whom SPAC is trying to get to come to the ballet once in a while, aren't they?

Yes, indeed: hassle the heck out of them, arrest them, make them do chain gang labor -- or as an option, charge them $12 for "official & approved" beer.

Yep, that's the way to build up a deep sense of SPAC loyalty among the targeted demographic.

Let's keep an eye on the Stun Gun Report that the city is being forced to release by the courts: I have a feeling that quite a few of the line item entries will have a Spa Park address attached to them.

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