Jul 30, 2011

NYRA, McDonald's ink promo deal

The New York Racing Association -- alleged stewards of historic Saratoga Race Course -- today announced a promotional marketing agreement with fast food pusher McDonald's Corporation. The arrangement includes the display of the company's iconic Gold Arches in the track's infield.

"What better way to link two of America's great brands, Saratoga and McDonald's," asked NYRA flack Richard Wood. "Our customers will now see those famous arches every time they gaze upon the lush greenery that is Saratoga."

As part of that arrangement, the Travers canoe will be relocated to a twelve-foot, above gound swimming pool that will be placed next to the Big Red Spring in the backyard picnic area.

The reported $1 million campaign will also include daily winner's circle presentations by Ronald McDonald, Happy Meals as two of the meet's popular giveaways and McDonald's restaurants scattered throughout the grandstand.


Billy B said...

This is good.

Anonymous said...

A- blog

Fred Caposella said...

Heck it wouldn't surprise me one bit to go to the races this weekend and see that very image you put up there.

No one is protecting the track's hisorical legacy. Many groups claim to be, but they are all missing in action each and every time NYRA pulls one of their stunts.

Fries wid dat? said...

The Burger King guy is pissed Ronald better watch his back.

F the Burger King said...

The McDonald's Saratoga Race Track!

Presented by: McDonald's!

Today's feature race: the McDonald's Travers Stakes!

21 billion served!

Take that, pussies.