Jul 23, 2011

Welcome to Poseur'ville

OMG! OMG! Take a Pic - I'm at Siro's!

So, this is what is has all become? Just like those annoying photos you are forced to pose for when you board a cruise ship, we now have the same scene going down at Siro's?

"Wanna picture?" "No thanks, wanna buy me a drink instead?"

It seems that it's no longer about participating; it's about showing up and being seen. The goal is not so much to have a good time; it's about getting a picture taken so one can say "lookie me -- I was there!"

The so-called Experience Economy has now become the "See Me Now Economy." Goal #1: make an archive for the facebook page.

One also has to be baffled by this guy's old school business model: isn't he competing with the cell phone camera that 95% of these posers have in their purse and pocket?


Anonymous said...

saratoga has become a disney world branch

Fred Caposella said...

Walk aroud Siro's some nite and ask everyone you run into "name me one Ky Derby winner?"

Odds are you'll make a lot of stops before you get a correct answer.