Jun 27, 2010

Click this Link (below), Lock Me Up?

Who needs Chris Matthews? We got Hardball going on right over here!

There sure is some weird, weird shit going on over at the Saratoga In Decline blog, no?

Stepping out of the crossfire on the specific direct matter at hand, what's most interesting to us are some of the big-picture issues that are raised here as a result of the attorney's demand letter.

If a street address was published: well, maybe that wasn't the best thing to do in the first place, but we don't pretend to be experts in such legalese. But a Hate Crime? Exposing to Danger? And of utmost note: the counsel seeks to toss everyone under the sun into this cesspool, including those who offer comments and those that link to the ongoing discussion? Wowie.

Interesting stuff, bringing front and center questions about such concepts as: Freedom of Speech protections; libel; the abetting of libel; hiding behind 'net anonymity; seeking the ID's of those anonymous and offending individuals; the concept of what exactly IS public information and on and on.

Both fascinating and troubling: I'd love to hear some legal opinions on this type of reach.

I have a feeling this is gonna get real ugly, real quick.

Stay tuned. I know that we will.



Anonymous said...

Wowie is right. As is WTF?

Cat Power said...

I am not worried about the kid so much. I am more worried about the cat.

I hope you did not cause physical or emotional harm to that cat during the photo session for your dumbass blog.

PETA has been notified. Your nightmare has just begun.

I bet you are a dog lover.

Anonymous said...

Curious as to why you ( had to?) remove your comment from SID blog ?

Anonymous said...

A dangerous thing, what idle money can do.

I'm lurking right outside your office right at this very moment said...

I've made it a career of evil.

So can you.

It's just me, the lurking guy again said...

You said that if I clicked the link you'd get locked up.

So I've been sitting here outside your office (most likely using your unsecured WiFi connection) clicking it hundreds of times.

The hope is this means you get locked up for hundreds of years.

Fuck Freedom of Speech, we have emotionally needy women to ripoff said...

So now hate crimes are applied to cults? Or, excuse me, cults that claim they are not cults?

And Website A linking to Website B puts Website A at legal risk for past or present works on Website B?
Why not add future to the mix?

Insane. But what do we expcect from these Grade A Lunatics/