Jun 23, 2010

Dude, THERE'S my car!

Our colleague and friend Joe Paris shoots us this picture of a new- fangled parking garage in his about - to - be new home 'burgh of Munich, Germany. Yes, this is a real life, functioning operation.

Now, I get the efficient use of space thing. But how does it handle a rush of business? For example:

- If this is placed near a giant office building and six hundred people get out of work at the same time, all looking for their car at once, how does this 'one at a time' process handle such peak demand?

The image itself give a weird vibe, doesn't it? I think that's because when we think of 'cars', we think of them in a horizontal context -- moving from Point A to Point B across the landscape. To see them in this vertical mode tosses that perspective out the door.

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Anonymous said...

Remember a few years ago when the robot garage was planned for Putnam Street
(by the old C & B building) in Saratoga Springs?