Jun 21, 2010

Come Together: Ben Osborn, RIP

Just in from a morning time-out, spent lining Canada Street with neighbors to welcome home Army Spec Ben Osborn to his beloved Lake George. The young man was killed last week in the Afghan War.

An informal motorcade slowly passes. Local public safety units leading the way. Dozens of bikers. A lonely, dark hearse, followed by more dark cars filled with ashen faces. Friends, classmates, co-workers and others following suit. The calliope on the Minnie Ha Ha playsng God Bless America as they turn down the Beach Road. A single volley from the fort. People from all walks of life standing together, united with a combination of sadness and honor.

Then it's over and everyone goes back to choosing their side in this near Civil War within our own nation.

I doubt that's the vision Mr Osborn had in mind when he started his own morning last Tuesday, so far away from home.


Anonymous said...

Get them out of there ASAP. Hell on earth.

Anonymous said...

Well said

Anonymous said...

It is my understanding that he volunteered for gunner duty, which is the most dangerous place to take in these maneuvers. It's like having a bullseye on his back.

Anonymous said...

We now now of another young man, this one from Saratoga, suffering the same fate in the same war.

I know that our current president did not start this war. But he must end it.

Charles White said...

A true hero, born and raised among us.