Jun 22, 2010

Manager vs Umpire: who ya got?

Have you ever wondered what is being said in any of those raging arguments that you see during baseball games?

Well if so: here's an inside look at one of these Einstein-level discussions, starring Earl Weaver (an expert in this matter) and Tom Haller going at it in the early 80's.


Anonymous said...

I grew up in Baltimore, where Weaver was treated as a God. I never got it.

This clip shows him to be what he really was. A psycopath.

It is funny though, especially when the ump goes

"You're going to the Fall of Fame? For what, f'ing up World Series?"

Broadway Billy said...


The late 70's and early 80's were a great time for baseball. Red Sox, O's, Yankees were all the supreme teams, and they were in the same division.

I used to love listening to Rizzuto covering the O's when Weaver would go crazy.

"How do you like that? Weaver looks like he's going to have a hear attack out there! Holy cow."

The game doesn't have nearly the fun and rama it did back then.