Jun 30, 2010

Where went entrepreneurship?

Question: Why is entrepreneurship suddenly missing in the US, especially among the Under-35 crowd?

My Top 10 theories:

1) college debt

2) a lack of imagination, due to highly structured childhoods (soccer and Little Leagues,after school activities, etc)

3) the advent of the highly customized & personalized life experience (ipods, educational tracks, media consumption, etc) causes an inability to feel part of a larger group

4) the rarity of kids being allowed to run unsupervised leads to an inability to collaborate

5) the view from the conservative / coporate media machine (ex: why does every third TV show glorify working for a large law firm?)

6) the brainwashing by the housing industry that convinces 20-somethings to buy a house

7) the de-emphasis of liberal arts in higher ed (which provide the building blocks for making big-pic biz decisons)

8) the societal emphasis on short-term rewards and consumption (get a job, get a paycheck; buy a car)

9) fear of failure

10) a weak work ethic

(from a current FaceBook thread)

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Broadway Billy said...

No wide angle sense of point of view. Which might relate t your liberal arts entry.