Jun 24, 2010

A tribute? Fine. Now when does Saratoga get the truth--or at least a discussion?

Rewind: let's (again) point out some heavy BS

If there are competing visions for Saratoga, you wouldn't know it by reading the local paper

Earth To Saratogian: there are!

Due to popular demand (well, five people, but who's counting?), here is a link to a repeat appearance of a commentary originally published here in January of this year:

Saratoga Springs: A Miracle, Revisionist History or Simply a Missing Conversation?

(click the above link to read the article from our archives)

From the requests, it appears that this interest in going retro with Nanoburgh is due to the controversy surrounding the attention and accolades being given to the Saratoga Chamber of Commerce's outgoing leader Joe Dalton. Take note of the Comments section in the Saratogian's tribute HERE. Also take note of the Saratogian's general take on the matter at hand. How many times can one use the word Tribute? Hmm, let's find out.

Three points:

1. I don't doubt Mr Dalton's sincerity in seeking to accomplish things what he feels were for the betterment of this city. I don't know the gentleman, but I think that the deeply personal level of attacks on him that one sees on the newspaper's Comments page are improper.

2. Yes, the sense among most native/long time Saratogians such as myself is that there IS a certain level of revisionist history that has taken place in the recent years, which we feel has the single purpose of enabling and supporting the future prosepcts of select special interests in the city.

3. Those special interests are easily identifiable: the local housing industry and its allied partners.

That's my opinion -- but as said, one that I know is widely shared. But it is just that: an opinion. Others will disagree. I would certainly enjoy having that debate with them, which is what the spirit of the original post was all about.

Because the secondary problem here is this: The Saratogian certainly isn't willing to play that role.


Phil the Thrill said...

Well put. Again. You are 100% right about the Saratogian. It's a lapdog for the Chamber and their goals.

Broadway Billy said...

HA! Perfect. You speak for us all.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Saratogian certainly made a nice puff piece of the Dalton tribute, but after scrolling through the many comments posted, my thought was, wow, somebody has too much time on their hands!

Dead Rabbits said...

We shall ride thru the streets of Saratoga seeking justice and ridding his city of the pond scum which has taken it over, once and for all.

Rabbits: MOUNT!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The Saratoga of today is that of a trinkets, t shirts and and cheap beer vacation getaway, void of class and culture.