Jul 28, 2010

Bits & Pieces

1) Price Chopper has new shelf-tags, which in addition to offering the usual pricing information now has a Nutrition rating for an individual item. Each is ranked on a scale from 1 to 100. I was just about ready to pull down a box of blueberry pop tarts until its 4 rating had me going whooooa.' I spent the next ten minutes wandering the store just to see which product had the highest rank. The winner? Lactaid milk-substitute with a 91. Figure that one out?

2) When did Lake George become the northern outpost of the Jersey Shore? This weekend, I got my fill of more guidos, bling, ink, wifebeaters (the fashion statement), Yankee hats, tank tops, f-bombs, blaring hip hop and beer bellies (the men were no bargain either) than I've had life-to-date.

3) Relate to #2, I think it's pretty funny how a trade war has erupted between New York and New Jersey, with the Governor of the Garden State accusing NY of exporting guidos into its domain, thereby causing it great image damage via the Jersey Shore TV program. New York replied that it could have complained about the Sopranos gang coming across the Hudson now and then to grab some action; bit it didn't.

4) Could some lifeguard out there tll me why you don't allow children to wear those little flotation devices around their wrists or shoulders? After all, they prevent the kids from going under the water-- and isn't that the general idea?

5) There's something a little disturbing, reading about Saratoga's historic Hattie's restaurant opening up a new satellite in Sprawlville (aka Wilton). Even more disturbing is the number of sheep on Facebook greeting the news with a thumbs-up / I like reaction. Baaa'aaaa.

6) The NXIVM story just keeps getting stranger and stranger. I won't even go into it here, but your latest links are here, here and here.


Anonymous said...

You call them sheep. I call them drones.

Anonymous said...

I think that Hattie's has been planning their marketing climbing for some time...between hiring someone to go to the track and invite jockeys (and other "names" to go eat at the restaurant (for free) to get the spin out there . "Oh, guess who I saw at Hattie's...etc."

The Bobbie Fray Throw Down was planned between classmates Bobbie and Jasper.

Mediocrity will be rampant with more expansions...hope they stopped with the 18% tip mandatory on the old buffet bills.

Real Deal said...

What was once the name of a great city is now a cheap consumer brand. As is anything connected to it.

Snoop Kitty Kit said...

Vanguard is the schitz.