Jul 26, 2010

Media Sensationalism? We'll Do That!

Dope Dealers Eyeing City's 5yo's?

City Cries: What About the Children? They're Coming for the Children!

Children's Museum to Beef Up Armed Guards

Visitors Now Subject to Diaper Search

Council to Convene Emergency Task Force

Nearby Head Shop Laying Low for Now

Saratoga Springs --- Yes, they are the easiest of targets when it comes to finding a local example of everything that is wrong with the state of modern American journalism, but today's issue of The Saratogian puts it all into perspective with one simple headline:

Two men arrested after apparent drug sale near Children's Museum at Saratoga

Now, keep in mind these points:

- There is no connection between the alleged drug dealers and anyone (adult or otherwise) connected to the Museum.

- In fact, the Museum was not even open. It was 1AM, after all.

- The Museum is physically located in the Caroline Street entertainment / bar district of downtown Saratoga.

- Given the urban neighborhood, this alleged incident took place in the vicinity of not only the Museum, but several other businesses and residential buildings.

But a headline reading "Drug Arrest Near Joe Smith's House" or "Arrest Takes Place Just Yards from Part Time Real Estate Office" won't really get the blood flowing, will it?

Desperate for Readers? Scare the Hell Out of Them!


Cheech said...

Now I know here to score. I will just have my little daughter set me up at the museum

Lois Lane said...

I got one:

Headline: Saratogian's circulation DOUBLES!

Fine Print: It increased from 2 subscribers to 4

Anonymous said...

The paper is useless. There is no reason to buy a copy on any given day. Heck, there is not even a reason to read a copy if it were on your table in a diner.

Anonymous said...

What's a newspaper?