Jul 30, 2010

Joe Bruno's Ghost: 7/30/10

Dear Joe,

I don't think that bronze head at the airport looks like you. What's up with that?

- Frequent Flier

Dear FF,

I said the same thing when they unveiled it. I agree, I am much better looking. It was actually kind of embarrassing, but I didn't say anything because I noticed out of the corner of my eye that some troopers were rifling thru my helicopter.

Dear Ghost of JB,

I know you're a big horse guy. You got any action at the track this year.

- Punter

Dear Punter,

No, they won't license felons. Or ghosts.

Dear Caspar I Mean Joe,

Where should I go for girly action in downtown Albany?

- Horndog

Dear Dog,

Go talk to Sweeney. That's his department, not mine.

Dear JBG,

What did you really think about Spitzer's hookers?

- Curious

Dear Curious,

See my reply to Horndog.

Dear Joe,

Did you suffer any long term damage from your boxing days?

- Pugilist Pete

Dear Pete,

What do you mean?

Dear Ghost Man,

Which radio guy is more annoying: Fred Dicker or Alan Chartock?

- Dialed-in

Dear Dialed,

That's a tough one. Dicker reminds me of babbling psycho when he gets cranked up. Chartock is always hitting me up for a pledge. Let's call it a draw.

Dear Mr Ghost,

What was the worst part of your long and tedious court room trial?

- Juan from Amsterdam

Dear Juan,

The hemorrhoids

Dear Mr G,

I know you were somehow involved with receiving money from that crazy NXIVM cult. I was wondering if you ever took any of their courses?

- Extreme Life Coach

Dear ELC

Where do you think I got this glassy-eyed look from?



Albany Eyes said...

Hilarious. I'm forwarding this to his office. Whoo-hoo!

I O JO said...

Hey Joe-you got any more broken down nags in your field?. I'll buy it to for $80,000. I still owe you for that you-know-what. Our little secret, buddy.

Ken's Dad said...

I'm Joe Bruno and I did not approve of this message!

Anonymous said...

Funny. When does he get word on his fate? I'm pretty sure he'll walk, scot free. No justice.

Anonymous said...

Dear Joe Bruno,
Spitzer's got a TV show. You ain't got dingaling. How do you like them apples? I like cold beverages. Do you like cold beverages?

Ghosts are pussies said...

Maybe the bronze head is a ghost too. Maybe Joe was a ghost all along. It seems like you can't kill it. Is that the sign of a ghost? Or is that a vampire. I am confused now. Bye-bye!

Anonymous said...

now i am really scare of ghosts.

Anonymous said...

Was that song Hey Joe about you?

Whatever happened to your brother, the one with the makeup, fluffy shirt and the million dollar office you set him up in?

Was Pataki really the actor who played Lurch?

Did all of your aides get the same parting gifts as Marcia White?

Can that Tedisco runt talk without spitting?

So what was the real problem between you and Spitzer?

Who would be Dumb and who would be Dumber: Trish D'Angelis or Jerry Jennings?

Anonymous said...

Dis iz funny shit

Real Deal said...

Is Joe going to Vanguard Week?

Anonymous said...

Dear Joe: WTF?

What's the frequency, bro?