Jul 29, 2010

If you barf, is it a completed shotgun?

A question for all my old college pals:

**** Were we this screwed up back then?

Or is this just a Canadian deal? Let me know, will you?

Props to KFC at NYC Barsstool -- who poses some VERY GOOD QUESTIONS about this barfarama.

OK. I had to pay my lost wager to my young and foolish intern by posting his particular clip; so cut me some slack.


Fish said...

I have a half dozen 40 and 50-something guys in my office. We all just watched this disaster epic together, howling like werewolves with laughter. Now is that sick or what?

There's something about throwing up that induces an automatic laugh. It's a guy thing.

Kind of like the Three Stooges.

Mikey Delivers said...

This would have just been a typical Tuesday afternoon at the 'Burgh. No biggy.

Anonymous said...

Seeing this, I:




Clare said...

u r killing me here. i mean, how about a "warning, puking exhibition ahead" placed under the play button?

Anonymous said...

This is disturbing. Now I am disturbed.

But to answer your question with another question. Who you kidding? Plattsburgh, right?

Come on bro. I didn't go there, but I'll tell you what. I was up there every other weekend or so. Three hour drive with a car full of loaded frat brothers that hadn't showered in a semester and thought farting was funny? No problem, we were heading to P-Burgh and that's all that mattered.

Shit, you'd walk thru the dorms and see this going on in every room.

Now here's the absolute craziest part: my daughter goes there right now!

But it's nothing like it was back in the day. I can testify to that. I don't kow how they did it, but it's like a baptist campus now. Which is just perfect for my little girl.

I must admit, there were some crazy flashbacks running in my mind when I moved her in and looked around the place, remembering when.

Frankie goes to Watervliet said...

No, it is not. Any dummy knows that. Quoting from the official rule book:

"All shotgunned liquids must remain in the subject's body for a minimum period of one hour from ingestion in order for it to be credited as being a successful shot gun session."

So you see, the fat guy's puking thereby disqualifies ALL of his attempted shotguns.

He completed none, zero, zilch. He's a loser. In more ways than one.

Do your homework and don't make us waste our precious and valuable time informing you of the rules of the sport.

I wonder if the concept of mopping up the puke ever even entered their minds? I doubt it. Freaking Canucks.

Ms Mystery said...

Don't ever post anything like this again.

Jackie Wilson said...

i could analyze this for hours.

but what hits me now is that these guys must be industrial engineering students.

look at their production line setup, with clearly defined responsibilities at each station.

highly efficient. it just came to them naturally.

now just think. these guys could be designing the way your car or airplane is built in a few years.

a nice thought, isn't it?

Anonymous said...


Harvard on the Champlain grad said...

I respectfully disagree with Mr. Frankie Goes to Watervliet. If we go with your rule book, then he should be credited with 1 completed shotgun. You see, he downed the very last one and didn't regurgitate it. Right? At least give him some credit. I bet he's never accomplished too much else in life. You know what I mean?

Can anyone tell what beer they were drinking? I mean, if it were Bud or Pabst or some scum like that, then this would be really really gross.

Finally, as a 'Burger, I can relate one story. We had a chair in our house, in the living room. One of my friends living there with us twice came in at night and blew chow all over the thing, about two months apart. I don't think we ever did more than just flip the cushion around the next morning, each time. True stuff.
Thanks for reminding me.

Anonymous said...

Lord. Help. Us.

Anonymous said...

What the ?