Jul 6, 2010


Here are a few random links, pointing to a variety of works that hit our eyeballs in recent days and which may be of interest:

In Ireland, a Picture of the High Cost of Austerity, the Comeback Kid of the European economy has hit the skids. Here we get a warning that the call to go into deficit hawk mode might be a bit premature and costly.

The recent G-20 Summit gave host Canada a chance to brag about its own economic fortunes. In Canada's Economy is Suddenly the Envy of the World, we learn of the best way to avoid banking excesses: MORE REGULATION! Notice, too, how both parties up north agree on that principle.

In Ending Sprawl Minus Growth , the TU's Jimmy Vielkind takes a look at the so-called Upstate Paradox.

It's not as old a dinosaur as ABC, CBS or NBC -- but CNN needs to shed its World Passed By vibe. Here are some thoughts on The Future Of CNN

The Atlantic's Derek Thompson offers up a pretty good spin on cap & trade and more inWhy Carbon Pricing Matters

In some unwanted local attention, the Daily Kos looks at how Albany area Tea Prty members are quietly folding into neo-fascist territory, in John Birch Society Speaker Rallies Teabaggers and Fewer Teabaggers Getting More Radical.

Has the Cult of Apple been delivered a black eye with the recent iPhone 4 problems. Wired thinks so in Signal Problem? It’s Just an Illusion, Apple Pretends.

In happy news: we're proud and grinning from ear to ear to see our friends Grace Potter & The Nocturnals explode into the stratosphere. Their highly anticpated new self-titled release entered Billboard's Rock Album Chart at #3 and Billboard's Digital Album Chart at #9. It seems like every TV show has picked them up, as has every music magazine and local media outlet in the cities around the world in which they are touring. It also seems like just yesterday we were enjoying their first local visit, a support slot for the North Mississippi All Stars at Revolution Hall. Here's the conquering heros doing a last minute, flash mob show in their hometown of Burlington recently. It couldn't have happened to nicer people.

(Also: isn't this reason enought to save Revolution Hall?)

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Anonymous said...

Grace Potter rules.

I hear she sings pretty good, too.