Sep 20, 2010

Mr Brooks on the Tea Party

Short term gain, long term problem for GOP?

"....This doesn’t mean that the Tea Party influence will be positive for Republicans over the long haul. The movement carries viruses that may infect the G.O.P. in the years ahead. Its members seek traditional, conservative ends, but they use radical means. Along the way, the movement has picked up some of the worst excesses of modern American culture: a narcissistic sense of victimization, an egomaniacal belief in one’s own rightness and purity, a willingness to distort the truth so that every conflict becomes a contest of pure good versus pure evil."

David Brooks
Conservative political columnist
New York Times


Anonymous said...

right off the cliff they go

Ace Weir said...

I think he is right. They've invited a sjunk in to their house to chase a squirrel out the door. The question will soon become what to do with the skunk?