Sep 7, 2010

So how'd those predictions do?

With the 2010 Saratoga racing meet now concluded, let's see how Nanoburgh did in the crystal ball business. Let's go to the score card:

Prediction: Meet handle (on-track) would be down 5-10%

Result: Down 7.8%

Prediction: A Zenyatta-Rachel Alexandra matchup will not happen

Result: It did not

Prediction: The Travers winner will not be one of the Triple Crown winners

Result: He was not

Prediction: Top Trainer = Todd Pletcher

Result: Todd Pletcher

Prediction: Top Jockey = John Velasquez

Result: John Velasquez

Prediction: In-town tourism spending during the meet will be down

Result: Conflicting early numbers, but we may have been wrong on this one. I guess we will need to wait for sales tax figs to conclude.

Not a bad tally, is it? Now combine this with our having run the tables with 100% accuracy in the last Saratoga city council elections and we're on a roll!

We are now accepting offers for our predictions of the upcoming elections.


Citizen Nancy said...

you're just that good RM!

Dee said...

Am all-seeing soothsayer you are.

So how'd you do at the track with those magical powers?

Nanoburgh? said...

Let's not get carried away here, now.

After all, you're talking to a guy who within a two-year period turned down the chance to be:
- Employee # 150 at Apple
- Employee # 8 at MapInfo

Footnote: in the interest of full disclousre, on another past prediction:
- Even though I predicted Mr Murphy's victory over Mr Tedisco, I did get the Absentee Ballots count wrong when that race went into overtime.

RE: this years 'at the track?' ledger:
- In the black, but it (literally) took the very last race to get me there.


Anonymous said...

Ouch. So you're really an idiot?

What'd they do with Rowdy the River Rat? said...

My predictions for Nov.

Republicans take both houses.

But I am up in the air on whether they fly the nazi flag over the Capitol.

Nanoburgh? said...

OK, here's another one -- hot off the wire.

Mayor Daley of Chicago just announced that he is all done in that role. No mas, he says.


Rahm Emanuel meaves the Obam administration to seek his hometown post.

Mark the time on here, and file it!

Anonymous said...

What's tonights Lotto #'s?