Sep 8, 2010

Writing's Minor League

So Open Source is a bias AGAINST collaboration? Someone thinks so:

"The Creative Commons movement and the copyright abolitionists, like the rest of their generation, were educated with a modern bias towards collaboration, which has led them to denigrate individual efforts and in turn fueled their sense of entitlement to the fruits of other people's labor. More importantly....threatens the future of civilization itself."

(from the jacket flap intro to Mark Helprin's 'Digital Barbarism' book)

Also included in here is the use of the current boogey-word of the radical right: collectivist.

Come on now. There are certainly a lot of points to be made on all sides of this debate, but: Let's just file this one under Not A Clue.

But I guess that's why this person is writing jacket cover flaps and not the actual books.

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Mama's Boi said...

Your getting too heavy. Get back to the drunk walking up a hill and the college kids puking.