Sep 12, 2010

News Flash: Hunger striker gets hungry

Goofball of the Week

Tom Cavanaugh
, a right wing'ing Tea Party activist from the rural reaches of Albany county, had a beef with fellow Teabagger Sean Hannity.

Apparently, the high profile Fox News host and GOP conspirator wasn't showing due respect to Mr Cavanaugh's main man, NYS gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino. Specifically, he wasn't giving the loudmouth sexist/racist any microphone time.

It was time for action; and Cavanaugh is apparently a man of action. He decided that a little street theater would right this hideous wrong, so he came up with the idea of staging a one-man hunger strike in front of Hannity's broadcast studio in Manhattan. He would surely cave now!

Down the turnpike Cavanaugh headed, setting up camp on the mean streets of the Big Apple on Thursday. It was time to get down to business and make Gandhi proud --- if he knew who Gandhi was, that is.

Fast forward (but not too far) to the following day; Friday. Mr Cavanaugh's inspiring words one full day into his heroic effort? "“I’m very tired. I really need a steak.”

Translation: "I'm out of here. All done. No mas, It's over." He went on to mumble something to a reporter about possibly being a target because he wears an American flag on some part of his clothing as he packed up and headed to the nearest fast food joint before retreating to the familiar safety of the Capital Region.

A target, huh? Well, here's a memo to Mr Cavanaugh: "Hey Buddy. We know you don't get out much, but we'll help you out here a bit. The fact is that there's at least one idiot just like you on every street corner in Manhattan trying to make some sort of point, so you needn't worry about being anything special that's going to make you stand out down there."

So this hunger strike was really called off because ... the striker got hungry. Now there's a guy I'd surely share a foxhole with.

Well, that's good enough for Tom Cavanaugh to win the honor of being our Goofball of the Week! Congratualtions, Tom.

(note: if anyone can point to a photo of this guy; get it over here. Stat.)


Anonymous said...

He could have walked down the street to this- Cheeseburger, cheeseburger, chips? Coke, no Pepsi.

BRU said...

I'll guarnatee you he could prolly miss a meal or two and it wouldnt make a dent.