Aug 26, 2010

Drunk Dude vs Hill: Who Ya Got?

This guy needs to learn the value of a running start:


Anonymous said...

The Hill wins. Now pay me.

Bobby Ace Weir said...

F'ing rookie doesn't even know how to put his head down when negotiating an upward slope. Must be a Plattsburgh grad.

Hairy White Guy said...

Hey I made it home, right?

SWamP BaBY said...

Gravity is a touch obstacle to overcome.

So is stupidity.

I'll eat your children said...

I don't think this is funny. Dumb but not funny.

Now that one you had of the guy puking and shot-gunning beers; now that was funny.

Now a question. What's the proper way to tell a woman in the office that she snores? Not when she's sleeping, I would ot know anything about that. I'm talking when she's working at her desk and breathing.

I tried playing music to bury the noise, but then she complained about my choice in tunes. I can not use plugs because of policy.

I'm going nuts and I need the job, so what do I do?