Aug 19, 2010

New York, where all bets are off

Ok. I know this is NYC we're talking about, where one is apt to see some pretty crazy stuff going on. I got it.

Now, I also realize that we're dealing with the Subway here as well, where all bets are off. Been there, seen it, got the t-shirt.

But this picture from last night, somewhere out there on one of the lines, sure ain't good. Wouldn't you like to get this back story? On second thought, probably not.

'Visit New York --- just don't expect to go home the same person'


Anonymous said...

Nappy time.

KW said...

and you gave me that look when I said I didn't like going to NYC, remember? So who's looking like the smart one now?

Superman said...

Oh, so that's what happned to me last nite. Sorry, I got a little carried away at the bar with the boyz and gulls.