Aug 20, 2010

Phantogram: the Cap-D's #1 (yet)?

Saratoga (via Greenwich, somehow) based ambient / neo-electronica dream-pop indie hipster phenoms Phantogram are no doubt today celebrating their landing in Spin Magazine. Years ago, that meant a whole lot; and it means at least a lot, still!

The question before us now is this: are they officially the most successful musical act to ever come out of the Capital Region? Dunno. Regardless, let us celebrate a rare breakthrough by one of our very own.

Phantogram, taking us in to the weekend...


Kimmy Kim Kim said...

Not a bad label for their style. I'll need to write it down though for the next time someone asks me what they sound like.

Lori said...

Beautiful and atmospheric. Very creative.

Broadway Billy said...

I love your blog escpecially when you concentrate on Saratoga affairs. Your old stories on the Democrats for Change, Val Keehn and the Nexian cult were very good and very brave. I just wish you would do 100% Saratoga coverage but that's your preference of course.

Between you, John Tighe and the defunct (I think) Dis-Utopia of Saratoga and iSaratoga blogs, I think the four of you brought about the best journalism in this town over the past couple of years. The BIG 4 OF SARATOGA!

Why don't the four of you start a newspaper?. Or at least combine your individual efforts into one giant SuperBlog?.

You will sure give Babs Lombardo some nightmares.

Seeds & Stems said...

Lori's description of their music is a whole lot better than yours. Shorter too. Which is even more important. Don't listen to Miss Kim. She's still indebted to and in awe of you so her opinions are biased. Just listen to Lori. And me. Just saying. Now when the fuck are you bringing a new show into town? It just better not be hip hop. As if you would. Stay thirsty, my friends.