Aug 23, 2010

A future look at Tea Party Nation

OK, all you tea-drinkin' folks that dream of Red State glory, modeled on the Brave Confederacy of the Old South, let's get a quick reality check before we jump off that cliff. Shall we?

Below, is a peek from a public debate for the election of a new governor for the State of Tennessee that took place a few weeks ago. Yes, it includes our old friend Basil Marceux of the GOP.

The background: a dust up occurred right off the bat at this event, when ole Basil stormed out of the room, refusing to pledge allegiance to the flag --- he has something against gold fringe, recall? After that issue was settled by a crafty audience member with a photo of a properly adorned flag on his cell phone, various issues were tossed about.

First we learn that Basil is for marijuana legalization; citing the fact that if he can get high on 12-packs of beer and Jesus, then why can't other folks get high on nature's weed? At a "95.4 cents" tax, why not? That was followed by insights into how he would handle the 'Mexican' problem. But please, we needn't go there right now.

Instead, let's get the pulse of Tennessee on the pressing issue of Native Indian affairs from our three candidates:

NOTE: Mr Marceux lost the recent Republican primary. Let's hope he re-emerges in some future race -- he's an absolute treasure. As stated in prior columns, we think he'd make a great running mate for Sarah Palin.

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Anonymous said...

Basil's definitely sleepy.

And most likely drunk.